Umweltfreundliche Anreise zum Festival

Ecofriendly Transport to Albania

💚We are part of the Wunderwandel Festival in Albania this september💚
Which is great, because the crew is super lovely, the location is awesome and the set up will be wonderful. BUT, it will be also very challenging, since the easiest way to get to the place is by plane, and this sounds like that a lot of CO2 will be released by our guests. 😢

From Vienna to Tirana and back to Vienna the CO2 consumption is
300 kg. Considering, that our personal climate budget should be between 1500kg – 2300kg, this short flight would take quite a lot out of it. 😱

The air industry is responsible for 3-5% of the global emissions. Sounds not too bad. But if you consider, that only 11% of the global population is producing them, we say this is
something to think about.

❓So what are the alternatives❓

➡️By bus (60 kg roundtrip)

➡️By train to Bari (Italy) and the ferry to Durres (Albania) (160 kg roundtrip)

Either way is a two day trip and probably a bit more expensive than flying💰

Is this something our guests are willing to do? How uncomfortable is it really? Or is it even cooler than just flying? 🤔

Well, I guess there is only one way to find out – by trying it out. In February we have the inspection trip and 4 out of 7 team members decided to go by train and ferry.

Actually. We are sitting on the train to Bologna right now:)

What about you? Could you imagine traveling to a festival like this? Starting it with a little adventure?:)

#greenfestivals #greenevents #decarbonizeyourlife



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