Ashtray paradise

OPENING: 15th may 2020💥Himmel und Wasser

This year we could use the steel construction from the beach bar and restaurant Himmel und Wasser“ at the Donauinsel for
an ashtray installation.

39 upcycled cans are hanging in the sun, to fulfill our all butt desires. Many people were involved and spent a lot of energy
and joy into this project. Besides the strings and tape, every single item is reused. Long time collected trash💚 


The installation of 39 ashtrays should not only point to the underestimated problem of improperly disposed cigarette butts,
but should also solve it straight away.

39 ashtray cans extend over 39sqm of outdoor space with a view of the water.
Spread over 17 cans, there are 6 facts on the subject of „pollution caused by stubs“.



1) Worldwide 4.5 trillion butts are improperly disposed every year (80%)
2) In Vienna 130 Mio butts are collected in the ashtray pipes of the city. But 868 Mio butts are improperly disposed every year (87%).
3) There are 4000 toxins in one butt (i.a. nicotin, tar, lead, arsenic, hydrocianic acid and dioxin).
4) 4000 toxins get into groundwater through rain: 1 stub contaminates 1000l of water.
5) Filters are made of hard-to-decompose plastic. Fish, birds, dogs confuse them with food and poison themselves with the butts.
6) Penalties in Vienna: 50€/butt (organ mandate). If charges are filed up to 2000€.


 We understand that the installation is very appealing to live out the need to sticker. Nevertheless we want to ask you to respect the

art and work of the artists and activist. 

But we provided extra „Sticker Ashtrays“ for you. 12 silver cans are hanging inside the installation and you are welcome to leave your

sticker there.
Thanks for your understanding!

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